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Just starting out and doing it all yourself? I’ve got you covered with hourly consulting calls and resources.

Finally gotten to the point in your business where you are ready to have someone else take over your social? I’ve got a plan for that too!


Tired of googling and not getting the answers you are looking for? I have the answers you've been looking for. Let's talk! I offer hourly consulting rates. No minimum. Just pay for the time you need.

Social Takeover

I will handle everything. Editorial calendars, daily posts, engagement with customers, graphics and more. Includes one hour weekly calls. (As of January 2020, I have only one Social Takeover spot available.)

60 Days to Social

A 60 day training program for companies who don't want to continue paying outsourcing fees for their social media needs. Weekly one-hour online or in-office training each week to get you and your team trained so you can do social media the way it's supposed to be done. In-house with your own unique brand personality.

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No budget for any of those? I get it. I was once just starting out too! I have created several inexpensive resources to help you along your social media journey!

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