13 Newsletters Every Female Entrepreneur Should Subscribe To

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As a female entrepreneur, it can be hard to know where to find quality information that is relevant and applicable, yet alone trustworthy! I’m here to help you find some great newsletters that you can subscribe to. These voices are helpful, trustworthy, and engaging. They are an excellent way to stay connected and they provide resources that can help you grow yourself and your brand.

Who: Women Who Hustle

What: Weekly Newsletter Highlighting Resources for Women and Amazing Women

Where: http://www.womenwhohustle.org/

Why: Is there ever a bad time to see other women doing well?! No, of course not. This is a great newsletter that not only seeks to empower women in the world it’s also a great collection of relevant articles, advice, and information for women who are out there every day, kicking ass, taking names, and making it happen in the world of business!

Who: The RoundUP

What: A Weekly Newsletter Dedicated To Working Smarter

Where: https://www.womenwho.co/newsletter/

A monthly social media membership course for women in business. Why: It’s simply described as “inspiration for your working life” and as such, it couldn’t be more valuable. We all want to work smarter, not harder, and this is the newsletter to help you do that. It comes out on Wednesday, just in time to help you fight the midweek lag.

Who: The Hustle

What: A Daily Email About Important Info And How It Impacts You

Where: https://thehustle.co/about

Why: The Hustle has a unique voice and an interesting perspective. They seek to give you all the answers without any of the extra mumbo jumbo. It’s a great daily newsletter with a no-BS approach that will help you be prepared for the world we are living in today.

Who: The Broadsheet

What: Finance For Women

Where: http://fortune.com/newsletter/broadsheet/

Why: From Fortune.com, we get the Broadsheet which is self-described as, “The dish on the world’s most powerful women.” We can all learn something from these women and it never hurts to have as much information as possible in a concise and neat package, right? It comes with a quote, popular headlines, and of course, info on amazing females out there kicking it up a notch!

Who: Create & Cultivate

What: An Online Community And Conference For Women Entrepreneurs

Where: http://www.createcultivate.com/

Why: Create and Cultivate is more than just a newsletter and their ultimate goal is to help you create the career of your dreams. They help provide resources, encouragement, and information to make that goal a reality for modern working women.

Who: Her Agenda

What: A Multi-Use Platform To Help Women Succeed In Business

Where: http://heragenda.com/

Why: Her Agenda is a great way to connect with other amazing women but it’s also packed full of tips, tricks, and resources for women in business and in life. The newsletter is a daily dose of all of their resources which are always focused on sharing the successes of women in business and tips for achieving your career goals.

Who: The Everygirl

What: A One Stop Shop For All Things Female

Where: http://theeverygirl.com/

Why: They’ve got it all covered. Business, social, shopping, and more. You can find topics ranging from travel to takeovers. There’s nothing better than a one-stop shop of all things female! Pro tip: they also have a spin-off site called The EveryMom to get the scoop on all the latest parenting topics and trends.

Who: Brain Pickings

What: Free Weekly Newsletter Packed Full of “Interestingness”

Where: https://www.brainpickings.org/newsletter/?ref=discover.getrevue.co

Why: Each Sunday you’ll get a glimpse of all the things you might have missed during the week. They describe it as ranging from “creativity, psychology, art, science, design, philosophy, and other facets of our search for meaning.” If that isn’t intriguing enough for you, click on over and take a look at some of their back issues. It’s fascinating! The perfect addition to your Sunday mornings.

Who: The Week in Lady News

What: A Weekly Recap Of All Things Lady-Related

Where: https://tinyletter.com/TheWeekInLadyNews

Why: It’s a great resource that contains news and info as well as commentary and analysis of women, by women. The newsletter touches on topics like business, news, culture and always includes recommendations for further reading by its author.

Who: Ladies Get Paid

What: An Inspirational Newsletter Aimed At Helping You Find Success In Business

Where: http://www.ladiesgetpaid.com/

Why: We all want to be successful. We want to get paid what we deserve and earn what we want! This is a newsletter that has been designed to help you get promoted, get paid better, and take control of your own career. They’ll help you find ways to kick ass in your career in all the right ways.


What: Daily Inspirational Newsletter

Where: https://prsuit.com/

Why: The company behind this newsletter has just one goal, to inspire you to be the best and most badass version of yourself. What could be better than that? It’s a daily dose of motivation and an easy way to do something positive right from the start of each day!

Who: The Skimm

What: Daily News Brief

Where: https://www.theskimm.com/

Why: There’s a lot (to say the least) going on in the world and in the news. The Skimm is a great way to be relevant and prepared for your day before you even leave the house. It’s a morning briefing of the top news and info you need to stay knowledgeable about current events.

Who: Stefanie Mullen (I had to include myself of course)

What: Social Media Strategist

Where: https://stefaniemullen.com/

Why: You should be subscribed to my newsletter for a couple of reasons! First of all, it’s not spammy and I do my best to give you information that will help you make life easier while you grow your brand! Another reason is to connect with other great female entrepreneurs as well as awesome resources to boost you up along the way.

13 Newsletters every female entrepreneur should subscribe to for social media and business success!


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