4 Reasons You Need A Social Media Calendar

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What are you going to post on social today? What about tomorrow? Where is that link you were going to promote? And the corresponding image? AND … what hashtags should you use?

Is this you every time you sit down to post on your social media accounts?

If  your answer is “Yes,” DON’T FEEL BAD. You’re in the majority. According to the Content Marketing Institute, only 32% of marketers actually have a strategy around their content. << That gives me hives.

The only way to succeed is to simplify. To simplify, you need a plan.

I can come up with a gazillion reasons why always having a plan is important, but I will stick to these four in order to simplify and get your butt in a chair planning!

Organization is the Key to Productivity

Social media can be a vicious cycle. You’re too busy to get organized, you will post something tomorrow, tomorrow didn’t happen, but you are definitely going to take time to post tomorrow, and you don’t because you don’t know what to post if you are being honest and you don’t know if what you think might work is actually good to post, and you are overwhelmed because you don’t truly know what the hell you are doing so those tomorrows keep piling up and you haven’t posts in weeks or months or ever. Sound familiar?

I promise if you take a morning or an evening, whenever your busy entrepreneurial self can schedule the time, (and by time I mean about three hours, not thirty minutes) to really focus on your social media calendar, you will feel empowered. A magic thing will happen … you will actually start posting.

You Don’t Have a Second to Waste In Your Day

Having a plan saves you time. A LOT of time. Please stop the social media scramble. We all know that the more organized we are, the more time-effective we are. No more scrambling around for links, hashtags, and images. Streamlining your efforts around social media means you get more time back in your day to focus on making money or even … yourself.

You Know Exactly What and When To Post

Your social media calendar will show you exactly what you need to be posting and when you should post it. For example, Mondays can be quotes that tie into #mondaymotivation. On Tuesdays you can provide tips. It’s July so you know anything back to school related should be posted because your organized social media calendar told you to. Hell no you didn’t forget National Margarita Day, because … your calendar. You planned a promotion for the end of August and you aren’t going to forgot to use social media to share the news!  You don’t have to think. It’s all there for you. Create a graphic and some copy and just like that you are posting for success and FINALLY using social media to grow your business and sales.

Use Your High School Math For Good

Not that you’re super organized and strategic about you social media posts, you are ready to track your social media posts. I promise it’s not as scary as it sounds. If I can do it, anyone can.

If you’re not used to tracking your social efforts, I know this can feel like a lot. But the truth is, without tracking your social efforts, you’re really just taking a shot in the dark every time you post. Which is not a smart use of your time. So make sure your editorial calendar has space to record likes, comments, retweets, reposts so you can track your posts and decide what types of content are getting you the most engagement. Over time, you’ll be able to tell what type of content and social media posts really resonate with the people who are most likely going to buy from you and serve them more of the content they want!

I have created two resources for you to help you organize your day and social media. Check out the  Simplify My Day Planner and the Social Media Planner today and simplify your efforts for success! 

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