5 Self-Care Tips to Boost Your Productivity

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You know that feeling when you are at your complete wits end? Everything is stressing you out and your to-do list has you feeling completely overwhelmed? Your brain feels hazy and you can’t think straight? You start one task only forgetting to complete it because you’re distracted by yet another notification? Time to take control.

In order to truly function at your highest level, you need to take care of yourself. You know it, but you aren’t doing it. You might have guilt or maybe you’ve just forgotten yourself because there’s so many other things and people that require your attention. It’s time to remember how important your sanity is and start taking care of you.

Start small with these five things:

Start Your Day with a Moment of Gratitude

I swear this will change your mindset for the entire day. This helps beat anxiety and stress too. Next time you’re on a call that is taking a turn for the worse or your carefully created email template looks like crap in real life, or your first video lesson for your course is due up in an hour and your wifi takes a dump (like me yesterday) take a moment and focus on what you’re grateful for. This will help you clear your head and focus on what matters. (Some days that is chardonnay, I’m not gonna lie.)

Respect Your Workspace

When you sit down at your desk in the morning, how do you feel? Energized and ready to take on the day or like grabbing a match and some gasoline?

Simple things like making sure your desk is tidy and organized will help you keep a calm state of mind. Add some pictures of your kids or your furbaby or Ryan Reynolds. Throw some fresh flowers in a vase or add some cute desk accessories to make your workspace pleasing to the eyes and soul.

Make Healthy Choices 

Are you drinking your eight glasses of water a day? (Or 4?) Staying away from sugary or salty snacks? Put down the soda and hot cheetos and do your body a favor!

Focus on drinking water by setting up reminders throughout the day and eat more fruit and veggies as your in-between meal snacks. You’ll have an easier time staying focused without the sugar or salt, and hey your skin and body will thank you too. I eat healthy all week and then I shove as much sugar and lard in my face as I can every Sunday. #balance


It’s easy to not take stock of your breathing during the day because we’re pretty used to not caring about it! But in those moments you’re feeling really stressed about a deadline, a mistake or a bad meeting, stop everything, push your chair back a bit from your desk, take five breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. This will help reduce stress and anxiety and clear your head. You don’t need to wait until you are stressed to do this. Set an alarm in your phone for three times during your work day and just sit and breathe.

Take Breaks

We can’t run at 100 mph all day, every day. That is a recipe for burnout. Step away from your desk, your laptop, your phone. We’re so connected it’s easy to never walk away from the constant pings and dings of meetings, to-do lists, emails, yada, yada, yada. Get some mental peace by scheduling breaks. Take a walk, snuggle the dog, kiss a family member, read a book or magazine for 15 minutes that has nothing to do with work. Take at least two 15 minute breaks every day that are just for you.

Doing all of this will make you more energized, mentally clear and productive!

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