I have been doing social media longer than Twitter has existed. I posted my first blog post in January of 2006. Creating content is my thing.

To help women create financial freedom by helping them grow their businesses online.

What Motivates Me

When I was a little girl, no one ever said, “Someday you can be a CEO.”

Instead they encouraged me to take typing classes so one day I could be a CEO’s secretary.

Growing up, I watched as my mother stayed trapped in one terrible marriage after another because she didn’t have the finances to get out. The men, who were horrible to her in the worst ways you could imagine, had her by her purse strings. She was stuck. They controlled her. She was powerless.

I vowed to NEVER be powerless. No woman should ever be powerless.

You should stay if you want to stay and be able to leave if you don’t. Building your own business gives you that power and freedom.

How I Got Here

Oh how social media has changed since 2006 when I started my first blog, TheSportGirl. (Not a huge success, turns out not as many women wanted to talk football as much as I did.)

Facebook didn’t have business pages and Twitter was just launching. We weren’t using photos in our posts, it was all text. Video? That came way later. Instagram and Snapchat? WAAAAY later.

In 2008 I launched Ooph.com, a widely popular website for parents of teens. Through meticulous branding and social media calculation, I grew Ooph.com to a blog registering over one million clicks per year. And that was back in the day.

Ooph allowed me to begin my journey of social media strategizing. I have spent years learning the nuances of each platform. How you grow and create connections with your followers on each platform is very diverse and is constantly changing. I spend time daily researching these ever changing platforms because I LOVE it. It’s a game to me to figure it all out.

What Makes Me Happy

Using my love of social media to help women grow their businesses and create their own financial freedom. I feel pretty damn lucky to wake up every day and do something that brings me joy and positively affects the lives of other women.

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