Exactly What You Should Be Posting on Social Media Each Week

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Exactly What You Should Be Posting on Social Media

Do you constantly feel like you have no idea what to post? It’s been WAY too long since you posted last time and you are feeling the guilt and pressure of posting, because you know how important consistency is, but you just don’t know what to post as usual and you are feeling like a deer in headlights?

It doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s simplify the process.

The secret is in the topics.

Trying to come up with something new to post every time you sit down is a practice in the impossible. You need a resource that guides you, makes it easy and tells you exactly what to post.

That resource is your topics list. You should have five to seven topics that you rotate through for your social media postings.

Your topics list does three things:

1. It simplifies your social media efforts. No more guessing what to post. You have a list of topics and you go through the list and post in order.  Your last two posts were coffee and then a social media tip? What’s next on the list? A quote, no problem now you know what to post.

2. It makes for a cohesive and interesting social media feed. For example, if every single post on your Instagram page is your products, that’s not that interesting to anyone but you and your team and maybe your mom.

Why would that compel someone to want to follow you, get to know more about you and your business? It won’t. You need to mix it up. Show off all of your brand’s personality. Educate, entertain and make your followers feel emotion.

3. It keeps you on track for maintaining an 80/20 split. If you don’t have a plan, and you don’t have topics, you are likely only really remembering to post when you want them to go look at your product, service or promotion. Then your feed becomes 100% call to actions and you’ve lost your know, like and trust.

Create a Topics List that allows your followers to get to know your brand personality better.

My Topics List includes inspiration, a social media tip, a quote, coffee or cocktails, family, me or Otis image to keep it personal, a productivity tip and my blog post or promotion of my social media course.

I am a big fan of quotes and tips. Quotes because everyone loves them, they are easy and we all need some easy in our lives.

Tips because they provide value to your followers and they set you up as an authority in your space. I do two tips per week. One social media, one productivity.

Create your Topics List by figuring out what value you can provide your followers. Remember you are striving to educate, entertain or make them feel emotion 80% of the time. That provides value. The other 20% of the time you show them what you have sell them.

Use your topics and my Ultimate Social Media Planner to simplify your efforts and plan out your social media for each week ahead.

P.S. Don’t forget your hashtags!

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