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“I just need more hours in my day!” How often do you say that out loud? If you are like me, way too often. If I was a superhero, that would be my super power. Creating more time.

While, I can’t help you actually get more hours in your day, with some organization and the right tools, it will feel like you did.

These are the tools (and a trick or two) I use all day, every day to create organization and productivity in my business.

Monday.com is my favorite organization and project management tool. Whether you’re running one or one hundred projects, Monday.com keeps everything consolidated, streamlined and organized. You can view your projects as to-do lists (called a group of pulses in Monday.com) or as a timeline, if you’re more date-oriented.

The best tools are the ones that are as flexible as we need them to be and Monday definitely is. Don’t finish a task (aka pulse)? Just drag it into tomorrow’s group of pulses. Have certain tasks that you do daily? Just duplicate them to create your next group of pulses. Monday also has a great app so for those times when you remember something on the fly, you just throw it into your app.

Sprout Social or Hootsuite
Scheduling tools are high on my list of pure productivity joy. Instead of going to Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, I can do everything in one space. I can post from here, I can respond to post engagement or direct messages.

These tools are also fantastic for reporting and analytics which can give you the insights you need to make your social media more effective. I am a huge Sprout Social fan but it’s a bit pricey. Hootsuite is my second favorite!

Google Docs
Where to begin with Google Docs. If you’re anything like me, you need quick and easy access to all of your information and documents. I also need team collaboration on many of my docs and spreadsheets. Google Docs are my go to, single most productivity-creating, organized-everything, tool.

I use documents to create EVERYTHING, a spreadsheet to track calendars, notes and updates, slide decks to create presentations, folders in Google Drive to save batched images for each week of posts, Keep for non-stop notes I take throughout my day (see below). Google is my happy place.

A word of warning however, it’s easy to start making Google Docs for EVERYTHING (like I said above) and then suddenly you’re drowning in docs and spreadsheets and can’t remember where anything is. Create folders based on projects and name your docs clearly to keep everything nice and organized.

Google Keep
If you haven’t tried Google Keep, this might be the best item on the list. Google Keep is Google’s version of a note-taking app, and it does not disappoint. The notes look like stickies and you can move them around, color-code, take notes with images, take notes with a sketch and pin all of the most important ones to the top. I open Google Keep about 50 times per day. I throw any random ideas that pop into my mind in here, like blog post ideas or social media tips as well as take notes from client conversations. This app keeps me creative and on top of my game.

This one is a little different. It’s not a “business” app. BUT, this one app has given me hours and hours back in my week. One of my most time-sucking tasks is errands, in particular the hours I spend spent at the grocery. Prime Now delivery has been a life changer for me. Instead of going to the grocery store, I now order almost all of my groceries on Prime Now. I can’t even count how many hours I have saved and been able to put towards my business. #lifechanger

The story behind this Instagram-posting app is extremely relatable: She noticed that when she wasn’t posting on Instagram, her jewelry business didn’t sell any jewelry. Yet, as a new mom, she was short on time and resources to get her Instagram where it needed to be. So Planoly was born! This app helps you plan out what your Instagram grid will look like, so you can make sure your branding is on point. You add all your photos and they show up in the sidebar. Then you drag and drop them so you can see your whole week, month or months at a glance. When you are ready to post or schedule you just drag the image into the calendar and that opens a dialogue box where you all all the copy. You then tell it when to post. I am a HUGE fan of this Planoly.

Pro-Tip: Block & Batch
While this isn’t technically a tech tool, blocking out time to batch tasks has made an huge impact on my productivity levels, so I wanted to share it with you. The idea is simple, block out time in your calendar to batch together certain tasks.

Block out blog post time in your calendar and do a batch of rough drafts for three or four blog posts. Block out time in your calendar to do a batch of Instagram updates. Do you have several meetings throughout the week? Make Wednesday your out of office meeting day. This way you’re already in the car, dressed for the day and can knock out all of your “batched” meetings. Since your hair and makeup is done, block out some time that same day to batch a few video tips for social media. Block and batch is one of the most productive things you will do with your days. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish!

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