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Actual conversations I have daily:

Client: I want ALL the followers on Instagram.

Me: How much time do you spend each day on Instagram engaging?

Client: None.

Me: *blink blink blink*

If you went to a party with the intention of making 20 new friends and then sat in the corner with your cocktail and phone the entire time, guess how many friends you would make?

Exactly none.

Instagram is no different. How are you going to make friends (grow your following) if no one even knows you’re there?

If you want more followers, stop being a wallflower and get your ass out there and mingle.

How to Instamingle:

1. Make a note of your current following so you can track how many new followers you are gaining from your efforts. #motivation

2. Block out 20 minutes per day to spend on Instagram. Put it in your calendar. It’s not a maybe, it’s an appointment with Instagram and it’s non-negotiable.

3. Make a list of five to ten hashtags where your potential followers and customers are playing. For example, if you blog about family life you’d spend time getting to know IGers using the hashtags #parenting or #momlife or #boymom. If you’re a small business owner in San Diego, you might want to try #sandiego #sandiegolife #sandiegolifestyle. If you aren’t sure what hashtags your people are partying in, check out my Hashtag Cheat Sheet

4. Search the hashtag, then follow it. (In your app click on the little magnifying glass at the bottom. Type your hashtag in the search bar at the top. Click on the hashtag when it appears below. Click follow.) Now photos from that hashtag will show up in your stream.

5. While it’s great they are now in your main stream, that’s not enough. Go through your hashtags during your daily 20 minute block. Pick out potential new followers. Click on posts you like, give them a double tap and a comment, then go to the IG user’s profile and follow them.

*BONUS TIP*: If the person you click on has 10,000 followers and is following only a small number of people, it is not likely you are going to get a follow back. Move on to the next.

If you don’t put in the time, your following will not grow. It’s as simple as that. Make the time!

Do you have a social media plan that works? Are you sticking to it? Are you using social media to create relationships with your ideal followers and customers by consistently  posting and interacting?

No? Simplifying Social: A 60 Day Course to Social Media Success is exactly what you need to get. No more inconsistent, unplanned worthless social media updates. It’s time to make social media work for your business.

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