How to Fix Your Boring Instagram Bio

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Be honest with me for a second: is your Instagram bio boring? Does it stand out in any way? Does it describe how amazing you (or your business or blog) are? Does it show off your personality?

There’s a good chance that if you haven’t thought about your bio in a while, it’s probably boring, stale and super un-exciting.

But that’s ok! Because it’s really easy to fix and you should see more engagement on your account once you take a little bit of time to get it spiffed up and looking fresh.

And I’ve got all the tips you need to do that:

Add your elevator pitch. How would you describe yourself if a stranger asked what you did in an elevator and you had five floors to do it? How would you describe yourself in one line? Keep it short! Not sure how to nail down your voice when deciding on your pitch? Check out How to Find Your Social Media Voice.

Use the Notes app to format and space your bio. Instagram doesn’t make it easy to format the bio section, so you need to outsource this! By that I mean type up your bio in a notes app so you can add spacing/bullets/whatever you want. Then copy/paste this into the bio section on Instagram.

Add a location if that matters to your audience. If you’re running a blog on the best happy hours in Chicago, you DEFINITELY want to add Chicago to your bio. But if you’re selling handmade jewelry on Etsy, the location might not be as important. If location matters to you and the story you’re telling as a female entrepreneur, then you should add it.

Add a call to action. Want them to link to your website or Etsy shop? Do you have a link for people to sign up for your newsletter or visit your online storefront? Add the link to your bio. Do you post a new blog every week or have many different links you want to use as your calls to action? Check out LinkinProfile. You can click on the link in my Instagram bio to see how it works! Don’t leave your followers hanging! Be sure to use that valuable bio space to make it clear what they should do next after checking out your bio.

Emojis! Nothing adds a little personality to that tiny bio section like carefully selected emojis. Which ones reflect the personality of you and your brand? Choose wisely and add them in!

Make sure to include relevant hashtags, including your branded hashtags. This will help you show up in search results when people are looking for specific hashtags on social media. Hashtags are still a huge part of how Instagram works, so definitely don’t forget to use the ones that can help you get found!

Don’t forget to use highlights on your account to save and show off your best Instagram Stories. If you’re thinking, “Uh, my stories are nothing to write home about…” Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered there too!  Check out all these tips and tricks I put together for you!

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