My 15 Best Social Media Tips of 2018

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Best Social Media Tips of 2018

Are you ready?

I was feeling inspired to share some of my favorite social media tips from 2018 all in one place, in the hopes that it might make your life even just a tiny fraction easier. Who doesn’t want that?

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Below are some of the go-to social media tips I have shared with my insiders in 2018.

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Now for those business changing social media tips! 

1. Re-use and re-post your content on social. It’s a struggle to come up with new content all the time, and you really don’t need to! Repurpose old blog posts, give them a quick touch up and put them back out there. It’s the holiday season. What did you post last year in social at this time? Can’t remember? Neither can your followers. Give it a slight tweak and add it to your holiday social media plan.

2. Is your website sending people to your social media platforms? Make sure you have social buttons or links that are noticeable on your website! Bonus tip: Make sure they work. (You’d be surprised how many times a day I check a client’s site and at least one social media link is broken.)

3. Follow your biggest fans aka your email list subscribers on social media. Go through your list, find them on the different platforms, follow them and don’t stop there. ENGAGE with them. I know this might sound a little time-consuming but baby it’s worth it! You will create super fans! 

4. Are you engaging on social media? Or is your social one giant commercial for your business? If your accounts are all about you and not your followers, guess who doesn’t give a crap what you post next? If you said “my followers”, you are right.  Provide value, not commercials. Social media is about creating relationships. “But if I am not talking about my business, what am I suppose to post?” I’ve got you covered

5. Follow hashtags on the gram. Instagram now allows you to follow specific hashtags like you follow accounts. Decide which hashtags your potential new customers are using and follow them. Then go in and engage with those potential followers when they show up in your feed. ALSO, it’s a great way to keep track of your competition. Open your Instagram app, search for a hashtag, click on it, then click on the big blue button that says, ‘Follow.

6. Get engaged. Take stock of who your most engaged followers are on Instagram and follow them back and interact with them consistently. The whole point of social media is to build better relationships with your audience, so taking a little bit of time to show the love to your biggest fans will create super fans who will, in turn, share their love of your brand with everyone.

7. Tag your Instagram posts with your city location. People are more 79% more likely to find your posts when there is a location tagged.

8. Update your Instagram bio. Your bio should show off your brand personality. Potential followers should know immediately what you do. You should have proper spacing and line breaks and not one long paragraph. Use relevant emojis and include a call to action. Not sure exactly how to make your bio stand out? I’ve got you covered.

9. Get your color on. Are you using color to stand out? Color is the most recognizable piece of your branding. Color is power. You should have two brand colors and you should use those two colors consistently. More than two colors dilute the power of color. Pick your two and use them as often as possible to create brand recognition. Need help nailing down your branding? Here’s a worksheet to get you started!

10. Be a pinner. Pinterest has over 200 million monthly active users and is the second leading driver of traffic from social media sites to websites. It’s second to Facebook. While grouped into the term social media, it is actually a search engine. Pinterest logs over 2 billion searches per month. Create pinnable images and use keywords in your pin’s caption to show up in relevant searches and start driving traffic to your site today.

11. Share the love. Have you received a great compliment on your products or service lately? Don’t be shy, share it on your social media channels! This is not bragging. Testimonials help instill trust in your audience that you know what you’re doing.

12. Do you have Instagram Story envy? Instagram stories are the “it girl” in social media right now. I was on the phone with a client yesterday. He wasn’t sure how much effort he should be putting into Stories. I said, “You get 2,000 likes on your Instagram posts and 5,000 people viewing your Stories.” Your numbers, while likely be smaller than his, but they will reflect the same. If you aren’t already, start focusing on Instagram Stories today. I, of course, wrote a blog post to help you with that. Actually, I wrote two

13. Get your hashtag on. You should be using several relevant hashtags in every Instagram post and story you post. Have a brand hashtag list that you pull from in a Google doc or in your Notes app on your phone so you don’t have to rethink your hashtag game every single time you post. If you don’t truly understand hashtags, I explain it all here. If you have a good grasp on the purpose and you are just looking for a massive list of categorized hashtags to pull from, you can download my  my hashtag cheat sheet instead.

14. Get personal. Don’t be afraid to get a little vulnerable and open with on your social media. Some of my most-liked posts with the highest engagement are when I’m getting personal. It’s not always about your products or services, people want to know the woman behind the business, and sometimes that can make all the difference when they’re decided to buy from you. This week in my newsletter, I share a story from my childhood that taught me to brave. Hint: It includes me clinging to the back of my dad’s pickup truck for dear life.

15. Stalk your competition. Check out your competitor’s ads! Sometimes it can be hard to get ideas, the best business people have their finger on the pulse of what’s working. Looking to run an ad for your business on Facebook but need some inspiration? Go look at the ads your competitors are running. Go to their Facebook Page, on the left hand side, click on ‘Info and Ads’. This will allow you to see all the ads they are currently running and have run in the past.

And there you have it! 15 social media tips that will make a difference in your business immediately! If you want to get my tips every week, sign up for the Simplifying Social newsletter and give me a follow on Instagram!


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