Three Simple Steps to Creating A Social Media Plan You Can Stick To

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Create a Simple Social Media PlanRunning your own business is a time consuming labor of love.

AND the one thing you know you need to be doing to create relationships and ultimately new customers, social media, takes up SO MUCH time.

It’s true, social media is a time investment. No way around it. BUT, it will take a lot less time if you create a simplified plan. #pinkyswear

Let’s get to simplifying.

Step One: Who Are Your Social Media Followers?

Knowing who you are talking to is everything in social media. Imagine yourself in front of a small group of your clients. What do you know about them?

What is their age range?
What is their gender?
What do they do for fun?
What pain do they have?
Are they a parent?
Married or single?
What kind of music do they listen to?
What magazines do they read?
What Netflix shows are they binging?
What problem are you solving for them?
How does what you have to offer make their lives better?

Get clear on who you are talking to and what they need to hear from you. 

Step Two: Create Your Social Media Topics

The easiest way to simplify your social media content is by picking a topic for each day you are going to post. This eliminates that deer in headlight feeling every time you sit down to create your social copy.

Monday could be a motivational post or coffee each week, Tuesday could be a tip related to your industry, etc.

Step Three: Create a Social Media Plan

Set aside a couple of hours each week to plan out your copy, images, hashtags and links. Want a little help organizing all of that? I created a Social Media Planner
to help simplify your efforts! 

Keep it simple!


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