Why Women Entrepreneurs Need a Strong Female Business Tribe

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You have a business idea and you’re pretty excited about it…but you’re not quite sure if it’s brilliant or bonkers. You know what you want to accomplish but you could use a sounding board or a little feedback to polish the idea.

What do you do next?

Most female entrepreneurs work in isolation. Especially when you’re just getting started with your business. As small business owners, we don’t have the luxury of brainstorming with highly-staffed sales and marketing teams, or even getting input from other women in business. We shoulder the weight of the entire business with no one to brainstorm or mastermind with.

What you need is feedback, support and motivation. You need a community of women in business.

As women, we know the value of knowledge sharing and connections. Here’s why you should find yourself a professional community ASAP! (You can either watch the video or read the blog post, however you prefer to consume content.)

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  1. Get and stay motivated. When you’re communicating with other people who share similar business goals, you’re more likely to stay on track with yours too. By staying involved with a community, you’re exposed to other people’s creativity which in turn can help inspire you.
  2. Learn from each other. The beauty of being part of a community is that you can learn from your peers’ mistakes. When we share our failures, we’re empowering other women to glean takeaways and lessons from those failures. This is also true on a smaller scale too. Can’t figure out how to fix that pesky HTML issue in your weekly newsletter? Nine out of ten times someone else has had the same problem and can help!
  3. Make connections. While most of us identify as female entrepreneurs, we’re also wearing many other hats and juggling priorities. So it’s no surprise that ‘attending networking events’ might be at the bottom of your to-do list. Unfortunately, networking is key to growing your business or potentially finding that opportunity that could take your business to the next level. Being part of a professional community is essentially networking virtually, constantly.
  4. Get real feedback. The scenario I described in the beginning of this blog post, did that sound familiar? When we don’t have the chance to expand on our ideas or get even the littlest bit of feedback, it can be hard to move forward. Sure, sometimes explaining your business plan to the dog can help feel like you’re verbalizing your ideas, but real, actionable feedback is what you need. Professional communities deliver on this ten-fold. I’m never ceased to be amazed by how much constructive and detailed feedback people are willing to give when asked. Have a new website you want user-experience feedback on? Share it with your new community and you’ll be shocked at how much information and input you’ll get.
  5. Feel less isolated. If you’re working from home or parttime when your schedule allows, it can get pretty dang lonely. Loneliness can lead to a decrease in productivity and frankly you’re just not at your best. Finding a community that’s right for you will help you feel more connected and less isolated.

Feeling motivated and ready to find a community? I thought you might be. I’m super excited and proud to launch Simplifying Social Monthly! This is a community-based membership that includes weekly online courses, real feedback, and live Q&A sessions. You’ll be learning and working alongside other badass women working in business. I created this course with you and your peers in mind, so community is always a main focus of the membership.

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