Why You Need a Brand Style Guide (and a Printable Worksheet to Get You Started!)

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Get your branding organized with this Brand Style Guide and printable worksheet.

Branding, branding, branding. It’s EVERYTHING. 

Branding is power. It’s what makes you recognizable to your customers. I know you’re overworked and doing the jobs of several (if not dozens) of people at the same time, but you MUST find the time to get your branding on point. There are 10 million small businesses on Facebook. If you want to stand out, you need to take the time to brand your business and stay consistent every time you post. 

You know how you do that? A Style Guide. What the hell is a style guide and why do you need one? I’m about to tell you. 

Get your sh*t in order.  Your branding components are probably best described as here, there, everywhere, at best. Do you actually know your exact brand colors? Blue-ish with a hint of green and you try and recreate it every time you need to use that color for a graphic? Are you searching your laptop for your favorite font? When someone asks you about your brand do you think to yourself, “Oh, what was it I said last time? That was really good?” Yeah, stop doing all that!

It’s going to be your go-to doc. Every time you write a new blog, post a new post on Facebook or Instagram, write a tweet, take a breath (ok, maybe not this one but you get the point), you should refer back to your brand style guide. This is going to GUARANTEE that you’re being consistent across all your content and channels. Have you seen an Instagram profile that looks like it was curated by 11 different people with 11 different styles? I can promise you there is no brand style guide involved in that process. Do yourself a favor and use your style guide as a reference. All. The. Time.

Prep for the future. You’d like to grow your business, right? Growing your business means that you’ll likely have to bring on help and staff to support your goals. Even if right now this means working with a freelancer to design Facebook ads or simple graphics, have a brand style is going to make that working relationship a million times easier. Instead of searching frantically (see above) for all of your brand colors, fonts, logos, keywords, elevator pitch, etc. you can just send your new freelancer the brand style guide. BAM. Time saved. 

Ready to create your brand style guide, simplify your efforts and save time? Let’s do it. Download this Branding Worksheet I made for you and get it done. 

Ummmm … I don’t know my brand colors or fonts? NO problem. I’ve got you covered. Of course. Start the branding process with my Ultimate Branding Worksheet!

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