Why You Need to Be Using Pinterest

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Are you Pinterest-ing?

Aren’t I punny? The correct answer is, “No and you aren’t all that original either”. I have teenagers, so you aren’t telling me anything new.

BUT, being Pinteresting is important if you want to get the most out of Pinterest.

So let’s find out your answer to my not so punny question, “Are You Pinterest-ing?”

If you think Pinterest is only for finding new recipes or creating your dream house vision board, think again. Pinterest sends a TON of traffic to my website and is a powerful marketing tool!

Tell me why I should be using Pinterest.

The numbers alone tell a compelling story! Pinterest currently has 250 million users and is averaging 20 million new users each year. That’s some crazy growth. *standing ovation*
And get this … 82 percent of users are WOMEN. So if your ideal customer is female, you NEED to be putting in some serious effort on Pinterest.

Tell me how Pinterest works.
Once you “pin” something and link it back to your website, if someone comes across it on Pinterest, they’ll click through and end up on your website from the content you pinned.

Pinning content on Pinterest is different than sharing content on Facebook or Instagram because rather than people coming across it in their feeds or by following a hashtag, they can see your pin as a result of a search.

Pinterest is for the active user, not the passive.
While, yes, Pinterest is technically a social media platform, people are using it like a search engine. Think back to how you use it to find new recipes. All you’re doing is putting a keyword into the search bar, right?  Your ideal customer is doing the same thing with keywords related to your business. If you are getting Pinterest right, your pins should show up in their search.

I’m sold. Tell me what to do on Pinterest so my customers can find my pins!

Load up your pins and descriptions with keywords.
This is going to be the best way to ensure that your pins are showing up in people’s searches. You need to be intentional about first knowing which keywords are relevant to your business, then adding them to all of your pins and descriptions.

It’s also good to understand what Rich Pins are (this might be phase two if you’re just getting started on Pinterest). Essentially, Rich Pins allow you to show more context or information on your pin (like company name or product price). Like I said, Rich Pins might seem a little sophisticated if you’re brand new to Pinterest, but learning how to set them up can make a real difference.

Make sure to post your content more than once.
One of the worst things you can do is post your content and then never post it again. Don’t waste your content like that! You can try posting your content with different keywords (As long as they still make sense, of course), captions or images.

Let the apps do the work for you.
Lots of articles will tell you that you need to pin upwards of five times a day, and it’s true. Pinterest is a very busy place and you’ll need to keep up to get noticed and see those referral traffic numbers you really want. Luckily, there’s an app for that. Check out Tailwind – it’s an app that will let you schedule multiple pins at once. This frees up your time but also lets you plan a little further ahead about what you’re pinning.

Stay visually creative.
I would argue that images are just as critical on Pinterest as they are on Instagram, meaning don’t skimp or rush your image selection! Pinterest is so visual, that you’ll stick out like a sore thumb (in bad way) if you’re pinning crappy images. Think about how you can incorporate branding into your images and new things to try. Keep an eye out for the pins you really like and use them as inspiration. Also try to create a few versions of each image you use on your pins, since you’ll be pinning each piece of content more than once!

I am so excited to get my Pinterest game on, but I have more questions!

If you loved this article and can’t wait to start making Pinterest work for you but have more questions, hit me up in my private Facebook Group SIMPLIFYING SOCIAL: EMPOWERING WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS!



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